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One last breath before I close my eyes

Can you hear me?

7/7/11 09:41 am

4koma comic strip - Buzzkill Vader
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5/31/11 10:55 pm - It's SO TRUE!

funny celebrity pictures - The Darth Vader Emotion Chart
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I DO feel happy today!

4/23/11 01:19 am - OMG! SO TRUE!!!

funny celebrity pictures - The Emo side
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9/4/10 09:20 pm

Celebrity Pictures - Star Wars - Jedi Comeback
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They took off my wrong hand!!

1/23/10 12:46 am - WHO LET MY KIDS GET FACEBOOK????

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7/24/09 10:20 pm

This reminds me of my buddy Doodles the Clown:

funny pictures of cats with captions
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7/24/09 10:15 pm

darth vader
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7/19/09 11:57 pm - WIZARDS!

Like all my friends are here!


7/5/09 01:11 pm - Well, that explains my empty mailbox.

darth vader and mark hamill
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7/5/09 12:53 pm

skunkster knows what I'm talking about here!!

darth vader
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